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Hello and Welcome to Equestrian Fillies.

The home of Affordable Equestrian Products.

We are so glad that you are here.

We have been involved with horses for many years and we all know how expensive horse ownership can be, right?  And does your horse have a better wardrobe than you? We know that ours do !!

We decided that it was time to branch out and look for quality, affordable items for our equines and the leisure rider, so the Equestrian Fillies business was born. We wanted to bring to you a full range of affordable equestrian products.

We have working partnerships within the UK and Internationally that allow us to provide all of our collections at reduced and affordable prices. If you need a particular piece or style we either have it or we can source it for you.

We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our clients nationally and internationally with access to our vast product ranges.

Let me introduce you to the inspiration for starting this business.

The beautiful, independent, sassy mare that is “Annie”.

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